Any active CCA member from either Alberta or British Columbia is welcome to nominate an individual or operation for any of the 4 awards. Simply email the ACA ( ) a few paragraphs outlining how the individual, business or organization qualifies for the award and why they should be considered by  August 31 of each calendar year.
The Awards and Sponsorship Committee of the ACA will review applications and award the selected recipient at our Annual Meeting in December.

ACA Booster of the Year Award

ACA Booster of the Year Award 2018  
Debbie Cholak, Lamont, AB 

Presented annually
An individual/company not directly involved in primary production
A Charolais brand ambassador who markets/promotes/represents the Charolais breed (specifically AB/BC Charolais) domestically or internationally
Someone who is active in various livestock events and in an influential role

    1987 Bill Hartell – Strathmore-Western Feedlot
    1988 Jim Fisher – Drumheller
    Q91 Radio Rusty Stalwick – Vermillion
    Cyril Curran – Veteran
    Jack Daines – Innisfail Auction Mart Owner & Auctioneer
    Ernie Isley – Bonnyville
    1992 Gary Smith –Wimborne – Beef Exporter
    1993 Will Irvine – Calgary Stockyards, Calgary
    1994 Ken Aylesworth – CCA General Manager
    1995 Mark Kihn – Canadian Beef Breeds Books, Calgary
    1996 Milt Weiss – Canadian Charolais Association Geneticist
    1997 Terry Schetszle - Schetszle Livestock, Veteran
    1998 Ralph & Iris Bennett - C-C Co-Operating Herd, Wainwright
    1999 Ed Rabel - Original Charolais Fieldman, Lacombe
    2000 Warren & Jan Fertig - Allan-Dale Industries, Red Deer
    2001 George P. Anderson – Auctioneer, Hussar
    2002 Jim Nugent – PRFA
    2003 Ed & Linda Miller – Highway 21 Feeders, Acme
    2004 Neil Gillies – CCA General Manager
    2005 John Chomiak – ACA Director & Co-Chair
    2006 World Congress, Mundare
    Lisa Schnuelle – ACA Secretary 2001-2005, Swalwell
    2007 Rod Sargent & Chris Sargeant – Commercial Cattleman
    2008 Leroy Martin – ACA Director, Thorsby
    2009 Tim Bullick - Charolais Consultant and Breeder
    2015 Not awarded

    Balzac Meats (Rod & April Mcleod & Family)   Balzac, AB

    2017 Bow Valley Genetics, Brooks, AB
    2018 Debbie Cholak (Circle Cee Charolais) Lamont, AB

    Purebred Breeder of the Year

    ACA Purebred Breeder of the Year 2018 
    Eric, Sheryle, Scott, Kayley, Justin & Harrison Anderson (Sugarloaf Charolais)

    Presented annually
    A stand out purebred producer
    A Charolais brand ambassador who represents and promotes the Charolais breed throughout the year at various events
    A producer who produces quality cattle which exceed market demands
    A producer who contributes to the affairs of the Association
    AB/BC producer in good standing with the ACA/CCA

    1975 Francis Borgal (Pridalta Charolais – Priddis)
    1976 Fred Radke (Radke Charolais – Picardville)
    1977 Wayne Malmberg (Cardston)
    1978 Don & Sandra Pochylko (Sandan Charolais – Stettler)
    1979 Reuben & Lorene Ehert (Flat Valley Charolais – Hilda)
    1980 Hazel (George) Roe & Gerry Roe (Roxy Charolais – Airdrie)
    1981 Vern & Kathleen Weise (Long Coulee Charolais – Alix)
    1982 Bill & Bubbles Bullick (Prairie Cove Charolais – Coronation)
    1983 Harold & Tish Fielberg (Fieldberg Charolais – Bindloss)
    1984 Happy & Tish Tagart (Justanother Farm – Irricanna)
    1985 Dick, Robbie & Doug Moore (Moore Charolais – Bentley)
    1986 Ron & Gail Thompson (Bonnie Haven Charolais – Arrowwood)
    1987 Dale & Rena Moulton & Family (Bar Diamond Charolais - Alix
    1988 Wilf & Doris Sieger (Wildor Charolais – Coronation)
    1989 Jack, Martha & Scott Rairdan (EXL Charolais – Stettler)
    1990 Leroy & Donna Martin (Leemar Charolais – Warburg)
    1991 Frank & Elly Cholak & Family (Circle Cee Charolais – Lamont)
    1992 Gerald, Marlene, Sheldon & Larrissa Lewis (Char-Lew Charolais – Pincher Creek)
    1993 Lester & Angus Millang & Family (Millang Stock Farm – Camrose)
    1994 Ralph, Jean & Ralph Jr Thornton & Family Sharp Hills Charolais – Sedelia)
    1995 Clinton & Valerie Phillips & Family (Kay-R Charolais – Waskatenau)
    1996 Ron & Roxanne Krysik & Family (Krysik Charolais – Mayerthorpe)
    1997 Hazel George & Family (Sagewood Stock Farm, Airdrie)
    1998 Lloyd, Carolyn, Darren & Loretta Paget (Bar 19 Charolais – Swalwell)
    1999 Fred. Lee-Ann, Amanda & Benjamin Farrant (Farrant Charolais, Lousana)
    2000 Jim & Joanne Fenton (Anchor J Charolais, Cochrane)
    2001 Allan & Leona Marshall & Family (Future Farms – Innisfail)
    2002 Darren & Loretta Paget (New Country Livestock - Donalda)
    2003 Ray & Leona Murphy (Murphy Livestock – Bonneyville)
    2004 Tim & Wanda Bullick (Prairie Cove Charolais – Alix)
    2005 John & Rowana Rudiger (Rudiger Ranch – Calgary)
    2006 Ian & Marlene Harvie & Family (Harvie Ranching – Olds)
    2007 David & Kristina Prokuda & Family (Pro-Char Charolais – Glenevis)
    2008 Henrik & Jeralyn Rasmussen & Family (HEJ Charolais – Innisfail)
    2009 Ray & MaryAnn McKeary & Family (McKeary Charolais – Compeer)
    2010 Jason & Nikki Jordan McQuaig & Family (Jay Dawn Farms – Sexsmith)
    2011 Rod and April McLeod & Family (McLeod Charolais- Cochrane)
    2012 Daryl & Marie Shuttleworth & Family (Charworth Charolais- Balzac)
    2015 Johnson Charolais Barrhead, AB

    Philippe & Rae Lusson & Family (Valanjou Charolais) Clyde, Alberta

    2017 Wade & Sherry Meakin (Wrangler Charolais Farm) Westlock, AB 
    2018 Eric, Sheryle, Scott, Kayley, Justin & Harrison Anderson (Sugarloaf Charolais) Minburn, AB 

    Pioneer Award

    Pioneer Award 2018  Duane Parsonage 

    Presented annually
    An individual who contributed to the establishment of the Charolais breed in Canada and in particular AB/BC
    An individual who was/is a Charolais brand ambassador and portrays a positive message in whatever way possible about the Charolais breed
    A founder/innovator of the Charolais breed in AB/BC

    1994 William (Bill) Hunt
    1995 Don Pochylko, Erskine
    1997 Ken Bargholz, Bentley (awarded posthumously)
    1998 John Rudiger, Calgary
    Tom Eggertson, Lousana (awarded posthumously)
    1999 Ron Rouse, Stettler
    Francis Borgal (awarded posthumously)
    2000 Wayne Malmberg, Cardston
    Jim Chatenay, Innisfail
    2001 Dick Moore, Bentley
    Ken Lang (awarded posthumously)
    2002 Leroy Martin, Thorsby
    Gladys Farrant (awarded posthumously)
    2003 Paul Zacharko, Bruderheim
    2004 Bill Bullick, Coronation
    Murray Rairdan, Stettler (awarded posthumously)
    2005 George Stewart
    Ed Silbernagel, Water Valley (awarded posthumously)
    2006 Lester Millang, Camrose
    Alex Cholak, Lamont (awarded posthumously)
    2007 Henri Lusson, Clyde John Rawe, Strome
    2008 Meakin, Westlock
    2009 Rodeny James, Okotoks James Rawe,
    2010 Dale Norheim, Regina SK (awarded posthumously)
    2011 Richard and Bev Smith, Kitscoty Happy Tagert,
    2015 Syldon Farms - Don and Sylvia Peters Stettler, AB

    Keith and Cheryl Altwasser (Altwasser Charolais) Lumby, BC

    2017 Gord Rattray   (awarded posthumously)
    2018 Duane Parsonage Innisfail, AB (awarded posthumously)

    Commercial Breeder of the Year

    ACA Commercial Breeder of the Year  2018 
    Duane, Marie, Arden & Tami Barstad (Norway Valley Farms) 

    Presented annually
    A stand out Commercial producer who currently utilizes Charolais Genetics within their operation
    A Charolais brand ambassador who is willing to be involved in breed advertisements, promotions
    Someone who actively promotes the use of purebred Charolais genetics to other commercial operations

    2015 Doug and Doris Christensen Innisfree, AB 
    2016 Cordel and Mandy Griffiths,  (C+M Ranching)  Cessford, AB
    2017 Jim and Bernadette Spearin
    2018 Duane, Marie, Arden & Tami Barstad (Norway Valley Farms) Heinsburg, AB 



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