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Alberta Select Sale Results 

December 8, 2017 Red Deer, AB
……………………                    Gross        Average
6 Bred Heifers                         $35,500       $5,916
24 Heifer Calves                   $175,950        $7,331
1 Bull Calf                              $15,000       $15,000
30 1/2 Lots                             $226,450      $7,424

4 Club Calf Heifer Calves      $16,500         $4,125

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 1, CIRCLE CEE YOUNIQUE 609D, sired by PCC Yukon 405B, bred to Circle CEE Dr. Fever 626D. Sold for $6,750 to Cay Charolais, Kinistino, SK. Consigned by Circle CEE Charolais, Lamont.

High Selling Heifer Calves
Lot 22, MISS PRAIRIE COVE 748E, sired by ZKCC Game On 266Z. Sold for $18,000 to Springside Farms, Airdrie and Pete Peters, Souris, PEI. Consigned by Prairie Cove Charolais, Bashaw.
Lot 21, MISS PRAIRIE COVE 714E, sired by TR PZC Turton 0794 ET. Sold for $17,000 to Blind Creek Holdings, Saskatoon, SK.  Consigned by Prairie Cove Charolais.
Lot 23, MISS PRAIRIE COVE 702E, sired by ZKCC Game On 266Z. Sold for $12,000 to Clearwater Charolais, Rocky Mountain House. Consigned by Prairie Cove Charolais.

High Selling Bull Calf
Lot 37, CEE RETZ CLASS ACT 57E, sired by Pleasantdawn Classic 707C, Single Bull Show Champion. Sold ½ Interest and Full Possession for $15,000 to Gord Thurston, Irma. Consigned by Circle CEE Charolais.


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Alberta Charolais Select Sale Results
December 9, 2016
Red Deer, AB

# Gross Ave
1 Cow/Calf Pair $8,150 $8,150
4 Bred Cows 74,000 18,500
13 Bred Heifers 110,600 8,507
16 Heifer Calves 105,000 6,562
3/4 Bull Calf 20,000 20,000
34.75 Lots 317,750 9,143
1 Semen Lot $7,800

















High Selling Bred Cow
Lot 7 SOS JESSICAH 34B, sired by Winn Mans Chavez 826Y. Sold for $41,000 to McKeary Charolais, Compeer. Consigned by Springside Farms, Airdrie.

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 2 GERRARD STARSTRUCK 11C, sired by Cedardale zeal 125Z. Sold for $23,000 to Bouchard Livestock, Crossfield. Consigned by Gerrard Livestock, Red Deer County.

High Selling Heifer Calf
Lot 14 MISS PRAIRIE COVE 604D, sired by Sparrows Kingston 139Y. Sold for $17,000 to Trask Charolais, Saskatoon,SK. Consigned by Prairie Cove Charolais, Bowden.

High selling Bull Calf
Lot 40 SLC DOZER 3D, sired by Sparrows Aquarius 493B. Sold for $20,000 to Spruce View Charolais, Andrew, and Circle CEE Charolais, Lamont.





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