Alberta/BC Charolais Association “Commercial Breeder of the Year Award” 2016

On December 8, 2016 the Alberta/BC Charolais Association held its Annual Meeting in Red Deer, AB. A long - time local Charolais breeder was honored as the “2016 Commercial Breeder of the Year”. The award is presented annually to an individual who meets the following criteria:


Cordel andMandy Griffiths, C+M Ranching of Cessford, AB has been chosen as the 2016 Alberta Charolais commercial breeder of the year.

In 1980 Del and Lorie Griffiths purchased their first 25 Char cross females. This operation continued growing in numbers and continued using papered Charolais bulls. The Griffiths’ cow numbers eventually grew to 650 mature cows until the untimely passing of Del in 2009.Lorie and her sons Cordel and Justin carried on with the 650 cows until 2012 when the brothers decided to start their separate operations.

Cordel and Mandy Griffiths then created C+M Ranching. They presently run 400 cows with a bull battery of 18 Charolais bulls. The Griffiths’ run a 25 to 1 ratio since their cattle are calved and pastured on the open prairie. They purchase 2 yr old bulls and run them until they are approximately 8 years old. The Griffiths run a red cow herd using white bulls. When marketing their calves, they find the tan calves are highly sought after by the buyers and have experienced the “Charolais Advantage” first hand by gaining pounds and increasing profitability compared to other crosses. The young families enthusiasm for the cattle business is contagious and they act as ambassadors not only for the Charolais breed, but for the entire Agriculture Industry.

The ACA is proud to announce our 2016 Commercial Breeder of the Year, C&M Ranching. A special thanks to Spruceview Charolais, Lorne and Effie Lakusta of Andrew, AB for nominating Cordel, Mandy and Family for this prestigious award.