The Spring 2018 EPD Evaluation and Breed Averages have been released!

Please note there has been a change to the expression of our Calving Ease EPD - for full details:

Calving Ease The Canadian Charolais Association is pleased to announce a change to the expression of their Calving Ease EPD. The CE EPD expresses differences in calving difficulty between calves born to first calf heifers. When comparing two sires, the larger value indicates fewer potential calving difficulties when used on first calf heifers. The new presentation will help to provide more separation and describe differences among animals that are at the ends of the CE distribution.
Only the expression of CE has been changed in order to better describe the genetics for CE in first calf heifers when bred to Charolais bulls. The EPD model remains unchanged and is calculated using calving ease scores from first calf heifers, birth weights from heifers and cows, and gestation length information from AI breedings. It is important to note that the EPD is based on calving difficulty in first calf heifers and that bulls with average or slightly below average CE EPD may be effectively and safely used in many situations with mature cows.


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