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October 18, 2019, Hanover, ON
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Bridor Fergie 8F- Lot 21
Jan 5/18 ~ Polled
MVY Xplorer 21X x Bridor Dylan 10D

BW -0.5 | WW 40 | YW 62 | M 20 | TM 40

An MVY Xplorer daughter out of a Freedom dam. Her moderate frame and correctness of feet and legs should make her a sure fit into anyone’s program.
Bred April 21 to HRJ Maverick. Exposed May 1 – June 15, observed bred on May 9 to Bridor Frankie 22F (JWX Downtown). Checked safe to May 9 breeding.

Bridor Faithlyn 12F - Lot 22 

Jan 10/18 ~ Polled
MVY Xplorer 21X x Bridor Donna 34D

BW -0.8 | WW 33 | YW 52 | M 20 | TM 36

Another MVY Xplorer daughter out of a Freedom dam. This yearling is very eye appealing and possesses a great coat of hair. Faithlyn also goes back to a favorite cow that started the Bridor herd. She will look great in anyone’s pastured.

Bred April 3 to HRJ Maverock. Checked safe.

Bridor Gwen 4G – Lot 41

Jan 3/19 ~ Polled

BW 3.2 | WW 43 | YW 84 | M 25 | TM 46

Gerrard Montezuma 6T x KCM Prowler 2X

Here is a Gerrard Montezuma daughter out of a KCM Prowler dam. Gwen goes back to a favourite cow family that helped start the BRidor herd. She has lots of thickness and depth of body while remaining attractive through the front end. An excellent prospect for 4-H.

Bridor Greta 15G - Lot 42

Jan 14/19 ~ Polled

BW 2.9 | WW 46 | YW 92 | M 21 | TM 44

Gerrard Montezuma 6T x Merit Roundup 9508W

Another Gerrard Montezuma daughter that has a Merit Roundup momma. A very stout heifer with lots of hair and hip. Have a look here 4-H members.


Each September we consign to the Uppin’ the Ante Female Sale along with other Charolais breeders from Ontario.

We can be seen at numerous fall shows including the Toronto Royal Winter Fair with breeding stock and sale offerings.

We always have breeding females and bulls for sale at the farm. Stop by for a visit.