OCC Missing Link

OCC Missing Link is likely the most influencial sire that we have ever used in our AI breeding program.  His first daughters are 5 year old cows, and they are the most eye appealing, moderate, easy keeping, good uddered cows here.  Missing Links sons' have been our sale's high sellers for the past 2 years selling to Circle G Angus and Kelly Williamson.  We are also walking a son of Missing Link.  Look to Missing Link sons for extra muscle definition, lots of thickness and depth of body.

OCC Emblazon 854E

Sire OCC Headliner 661H
OCC Juanada 858F
OCC Glory 950G
Dam OCC Dixie Erica 946K
OCC Dixie Erica 816B

Shipweel Chinook

Shipwheel Chinook is an outstanding calving ease sire.  He has been the most consistent calving ease sire we have ever used.  His calves also have the curve bending performance, and phenotype to be the top of both the heifer and bull pen every year.  Large majority of his sons are 3 star calving ease bulls with shorter gestation lengths. 

Hero 6267 of R R 2418

Sire HA Image Maker 0415
HA Rito Blackcap 9038
Mytty In Focus
Dam Apex Eriskay 5506
Apexette Eriskay

Crowfoot Fred 2301Z

Crowfoot Fred was selected from the 2013 Crowfoot Cattle Co bull sale.  He has done a tremendous job here being our cornerstone walking herd sire.  His first daughters are calving here in spring 2016 and they are exactly what we were hoping for.  Moderate size, thick bodied and good uddered.  The Fred bull calves on offer have added thickness and masculinity.  We used Fred on heifers for 2 years, and has been a good calving ease sire.  Many of his sons are 3 star calving ease bulls.

Crowfoot Equation 5793R

Sire Crowfoot 9052W
Crowfoot Kelton 4790P
Crowfoot Joker 6172S
Dam Crowfoot Rose of L 9116W
Crowfoot Rose of L 6216S

Burnett Dream Weaver 2Y

Burnett Dream Weaver is a direct Final Answer son.  He is a very easy moving, deep girthed herd bull.  His sons have added depth of body and overall mass.  Dream Weaver has always thrown a bit more birth weight, most of his sons are recommended for cows.  Daughters are tanky, little bigger framed and very long bodied.


Sitz Traveller 8180

Sire SAV Final Answer 0035
SAV Emulous 8145
BC Lookout 7024
Dam Burnett Kristina 3W
Burnett Tutu 1T

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