Bryce Burnett is a cowboy poet and entertainer from a ranch just south west of Swift Current, SK. He, along with his wife Wanda and two children Wadena and Wyatt, operate Burnett Tarentaise, raising purebred and commercial Tarentaise and Black Angus cattle.

As the family is up and down the road showing and promoting cattle, many of his poems take in the workings of cattle shows, livestock philosophy and just down to earth country survival, with a bit of a humorous twist. Most of his poems hale from true stock, it's just that some are a little more true than others.



As an avid photographer, Bryce has also put many poems and pictures together which he has been marketing. Bryce enjoys entertaining and figures that laughter is probably the original cure for all that ails ya.

Bryce is available for bookings with home grown entertainment, down to earth country style poetry. His poetry compliments livestock gatherings, meetings and banquets. Pictures and poems are available for sale by calling
1-800-929-COWS (2097) or clicking the link below. Bryce's poetry makes great Christmas or birthday gifts!

To view a sample of Bryce's poetry, click on the poem name...
You Could Be A CowboyMatrimonial BlissOn the Show RoadThe Scotchman


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