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Hicks Charolais - Your Key to Success.
About Us

Hicks Charolais is a family oriented Purebred beef operation located in south western Ontario, one hour west of the Toronto International airport. The farm is based on 100 acres in highly fertile ground that receives 1200 cm (50in.) of rain per year. We grow hay for export and local sale and feed the cows the poorer quality hay that we can't sell. We own an additional 300 acres for pasture and rent 250 acres for crop production.

The purebred herd was established in 1984 and we presently have 60 cows. We market our bulls privately.

Our cow herd is larger framed, polled and sound with great udders. We do not breed white Angus. Our cows are thick because every great bull has a great mom. You cannot breed meat bulls from frail cows.

Our bulls are heavy muscled and also larger framed. Our bull customers prefer one big bull and 40 small easier keeping cows. The yearling bulls need to be big enough to breed mature cows at 15 months of age. The resulting calves wean and go directly on feed. They will all be to slaughter by 14 months of age.

Our herd sires are all homozygous polled with prominent loins, obvious muscle expression and faultless conformation. Semen that we offer for sale is from bulls we use ourselves - they need to work for us before we can offer them to you. These bulls may be seen under the Bull Battery section of this site.